Nektium self-affirms GRAS status of mango leaf product Zynamite

Published: 15-Oct-2019

As a result of its new status the product will be launched in the US

Spain-based company Nektium, developer and manufacturer of branded ingredients and standardised extracts, has announced that Zynamite is now self-affirmed GRAS after a thorough toxicology and safety data evaluation by an external expert panel.

After launching Zynamite in 2018 and the successful commercialisation of the ingredient in a number of countries, the ingredient is now self-affirmed as GRAS and will, therefore, be launched in the US.

Nektium's distribution partner in the US, PLT Health Solutions, will market Zynamite as a food ingredient that provides mental and physical energy. Zynamite will be presented in the US at Supply Side West, taking place from 15–19 October.

"Obtaining the GRAS status will open new opportunities for Zynamite to be included in formulations of US companies, which is yet the biggest market of nutraceutical ingredients and we are very excited to be launching Zynamite with our partner PLT," said Bruno Berheide, Strategy & Business Development Director at Nektium.

Zynamite is a proprietary, patent-pending, science-based natural ingredient from mango leaves that is standardised to ≥60% mangiferin. Several clinical studies on the ingredient on its own and in combination demonstrate that it has similar stimulating effects, compared to those of caffeine, however without the typical negative side effects that caffeine is known for. The ingredient works both, on enhancing cognitive function as well as on improving sports performance.

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