Natural ingredients take centre stage at Fi Europe


The pandemic has strengthened the trend towards sustainable consumption in the food industry, the event organisers say

Industry trade show Food ingredients Europe, combined with Health ingredients Europe, has highlighted the prevalence of natural and organic products being showcased at the upcoming event, which will be held online from 22 November, and in person in Frankfurt from 30 November to 2 December.

The pandemic has strengthened the trend towards sustainable consumption in the food industry, the event organisers say, as the organic and natural ingredients zones are both on a growth trajectory. The team is currently expecting a total of 17,000 visitors in-person and/or virtually, of which 72% reportedly have purchasing power.

In terms of floor space, compared to the total show, the organic zone has grown by 49% with exhibitors this year including Mainfrucht, Meurens Natural and La Sanfermese Agro & Food. The natural ingredients zone, meanwhile, has grown by 46% and will be welcoming exhibitors such as Herbstreith & Fox KG Pektin-Fabriken and Plantex SAS. “This trend has been present for a number of years but now has become even more apparent as a result of the pandemic. Furthermore, the combination of Food ingredients and Health ingredients Europe highlights the importance of naturalness in ingredients with health benefits”, said Julien Bonvallet, Fi Global Brand Director.

The agenda for the show, including a conference, innovation hub, various theatres and competitions, will also address topics such as upcycling, alternative sourcing solutions and more efficient manufacturing processes. Sessions include ‘Creating a more sustainable future’, in which Siska Pottie, Secretary General of the European Alliance for Plant-based Foods, will be discussing the European plant-based market. Also speaking is Paula Schmidsfelden, of The Carbon Trust, who will be discussing ‘Product carbon footprinting & labelling’. Roquette, meanwhile, will be presenting a company case study.

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More than 150 companies have signed up for the natural or organic zone, the event organisers say. One of them is HoneyGreen+, a supplier of beehive products, natural sweeteners and functional ingredients. Vanessa Morice, Commercial Director at HoneyGreen+, comments: “The world demands natural responses to a global need for health, well-being and beauty. We have already observed how changes triggered by the pandemic have accelerated some of the trends predicted to occur over the next five years. And consumers are looking for transparent brands, as they want to know how their actions can help protect their community and environment.”