Natural & Organic Products Europe partners with ReSea


The event has partnered with the project to remove plastic from the ocean for every attendant

For this year’s event, the organisers of Natural & Organic Products Europe are working with ReSea Project, an organisation tackling the ocean plastic crisis. Through the partnership, ReSea will remove the equivalent of 100 plastic straws (100g) from oceans and rivers for each visitor to the trade show.

According to Our World In Data, 80% of the world’s ocean plastics enter the ocean via rivers and coastlines.

ReSea engages communities near rivers and coastal areas affected by low-income and waste mismanagement. The project organises community driven clean-up operations which compensate locals for recovering plastic from heavily polluted rivers and oceans.

Carol Dunning, Event Director, said: “It is vital that events such as ours not only provide a space for eco-friendly innovation, but also look inward and adapt business practices to tackle the biggest environmental challenges of the day. That’s why we are so proud of our partnership with ReSea, a company that not only takes direct action against plastic pollution, but supports the communities hardest hit by the crisis.”

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Christine Tangdal, Head of Sales and Partnerships at ReSea Project, said: “The partnership is, in our opinion, aligned perfectly. NOPEX connects visitors with innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable products, which will make a real difference to businesses…we get to meet exhibitors and participants and show how brands can leverage their sustainable commitments by supporting our cleanup efforts.”