Meriva to tackle osteomuscular discomfort


A new pilot human study suggests that supplementation of Meriva, Indena’s proprietary lecithin-based and diet inspired delivery system of curcumin, presents a promising and safe means to preserving osteomuscular efficiency when performing intense, high impact, physical activities, exerting its beneficial effect even with a short-term treatment

The study enrolled 50 male rugby players with osteo-muscular discomfort due to repeated hard tackles, physical overload or acute episode of recurrent discomfort. They received a Meriva-based product containing 2 g of curcumin Phytosome (n=25, 1 tablet containing 1 g of Meriva every 12 hours) for 5 or 10 days or best standard management (n=25).

The discomfort perception (estimated according to the visual analog scale devised by Scott-Huskinsson) and functio lesa (scored by an arbitrary scale ranging from complete physical function to maximum impairment of physical function) have been evaluated at baseline and after 1 (T1), 3 (T3), 6 (T6), 10 (T10) and 20 (T20) days from the start of the treatment.

The group supplemented with Meriva showed an excellent adherence to treatment (24/25 subjects, 96%) compared with the group following the best standard management (15/25 subjects, 60%) (exploratory p-value = 0.005).

Moreover, the tolerability was scored as excellent by 24 (96%) subjects who received Meriva and by 14 (56%) subjects treated with the best standard management (exploratory p-value = 0.002). Among participants supplemented with Meriva, only 1 (4%) experienced mild side effects and 4 (16%) subjects treated with the best standard management reported gastric pain as an adverse event.

Furthermore, even with short-term treatment, the group supplemented with Meriva showed improvement on impaired physical functions and on the feeling of physical discomfort.

“Intense, high impact, physical activities are often associated with osteomuscular conditions. Meriva, even when administered at higher dosages, has been determined to be a safe and tolerable agent that could avoid the common gastric side-effects associated with the use of many anti-inflammatory remedies that are the best standard management," said Antonella Riva, Product Research Manager at Indena.

“Meriva is an example of science and tradition being coupled. Our customers can count on our ongoing commitment in obtaining the best standardised extracts, whose safety and efficacy have been tested."

"The scientific backing behind Meriva and Phytosome technology allows Indena and its customers to capitalise on the health benefits of turmeric, going way beyond its poor bioavailability," said Cosimo Palumbo, Indena Marketing Director.

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