Meet Nexira at SupplySide West


The French ingredients supplier is set to launch a new superfood range and release new clinical studies

Okralin is a unique ingredient, coming from a vegetal source not commonly used in weight-loss products

Nexira, the French ingredients supplier, will be at SupplySide West to launch a new superfood range and release the latest clinical results on cognitive performance. Okralin, the latest ingredient for weight management will also be on display on the New Product Zone at the show in Las Vegas.

Superfood powders

Nexira's all-natural and organic ingredients will be on display at booth #4743. These are carefully sourced by Nexira's team or with partners, with a minimal process to preserve nutritional benefits.

Visit Nexira's booth and discover its raw Baobab powder. Its slightly tangy taste is perfect to pep-up cereal bars, yoghurt, ice creams, smoothies and so on.

Nexira will showcase its Acerola packed with 17% native Vitamin C from Brazil and Cactinea, the prickly pear powder rich in antioxidants, offering a bright pink colour. And also, Beet juice, Spirulina, Matcha, Cactus fibre, Cranberry and more.


Nexira will also be showcasing its Cognivia, a unique synergistic combination of two Sage species specifically developed for people wishing to improve their memory and concentration.

Nexira has conducted a new clinical study on this ingredient and will present the results during the show: acute and chronic effects, significant improvement of working memory. "Come to our booth to use on our new App, which features the same tests used for the clinic," the company enthused.

Okralin: The Breakthrough Fat Binder

Nexira will present its Okralin, "the breakthrough fat binder". With a patented formulation, Okralin is a unique ingredient, coming from a vegetal source. This vegetal, not commonly used in weight-loss products, makes Okralin completely new. It is safe and suitable for vegetarian.

Supported by a clinical study, strongly documented, Okralin brings scientific proofs to meet manufacturers and consumers expectations:

  • Significant weight-loss and body fat mass reduction
  • Impressive body shape improvement
  • Reduction of calories absorption

Visitors will be able to watch a video featuring Nexira's own sourcing, explaining the mechanism of action and presenting our scientific results.

To support this new product launch, Okralin will be showcased on the New Product Zone. This product is available only outside of Europe.

Also on display at the show

The VinOseed SO free is a grape extract made of Californian grapes. Water extracted, solvent-free, with at least 95% polyphenol content and 50% OPC, and sulfite-free.

"Come to our booth to discover our MCTs powders: pure, made from 100% coconut oil, vegan, allergen-free and non-GMO," the company said.

Spray-dried on acacia fibre, the ingredient is water dispersible and particularly keto-friendly (instead of the use of maltodextrin). It is easy to use, with a neutral taste, odour and colour. "Perfect for creamers, drinks, energy bars and supplements," Nexira said.

The enoSTIM, Nexira's award-winning ingredient for ageing, will also be on display at the show. Nexira will present the latest pilot clinical study published in Phlebology International Journal.

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Visit Nexira at booth #4743.