Lycored introduces concentrated D3 for multivitamin products


The ingredient’s high level of concentration is designed to free up more “space” for other vitamins, minerals and other actives

Lycored introduces concentrated D3 for multivitamin products

Lycored has launched a highly concentrated vitamin D3 ingredient, designed for synergistic products that combine vitamin D with other ingredients.

Capsudar D3 1000E delivers one million IU/g of vitamin D3, the company says. This high level of concentration is designed to free up more “space” for other vitamins, minerals and other actives. The product also provides 81 mg towards a 1 g daily dose of calcium and can be partnered with magnesium and vitamin K, making it suitable for multivitamin supplements.

According to research, vitamins D and K with calcium is more effective than taking calcium alone1, and magnesium assists in the activation of vitamin D.2 A combination of calcium and vitamin D has been recommended in populations such as seniors to reduce the risk of fractures.3

The pandemic has spotlighted the role of vitamin D in immune health, the company says, with groups most likely to be deficient in the micronutrient disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.4 Lockdowns have also increased interest – two in three consumers who responded to a recent Lycored survey were concerned that they were not getting enough vitamin D due to less time outdoors.5

The ingredient’s high concentration is enabled by Capsudar, Lycored’s precision microencapsulation technology. It turns fragile ingredients into stable powders that remain viable throughout the rigors of processing, packaging and storage, the company claims.

Vitamin D3 oxidises easily, is sensitive to light and usually needs to be kept in a vacuum in the dark. The precision microencapsulation technology reportedly ensures the actives in Capsudar D3 1000E are protected during processing and storage, and released effectively in the body. A core of calcium phosphate is spray-coated with a layer of vitamin D3, and both are surrounded by a protective outside layer.

Christiane Lippert, Global Product Manager, Vitamins, at Lycored, said: “One of the effects of the pandemic – and lockdowns – has been a surge in demand for vitamin D. It’s a micronutrient that works best in combinations with other vitamins and minerals, so we set out to develop a product that would deliver maximum synergy between active ingredients. Thanks to our Capsudar encapsulation technology, we were able to create a powerful, super-concentrated D3 that overcomes formulation challenges and offers opportunities for fabulous pairings with a range of other actives.”

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