Lycored celebrates third annual Heart + Soil Day worldwide


Heart + Soil Day continues to connect people with the nature that surrounds them

Lycored celebrated the third annual Heart + Soil Day on Wednesday 26 September as a part of the brand's ongoing commitment to nourishing their communities.

Heart + Soil Day is a way to support Lycored's Good in Bloom programme, while also showcasing the importance of appreciating our connection to the beauty in the world around us and within each other.

"A common thread between all people is that in a world that never stops turning, it is rare that anyone literally stops to smell the roses, let alone realise that no matter how much our individual experiences can alter our reality, nature is ubiquitous, beautiful and influential in our daily lives," said Rony Patishi-Chillim CEO of Lycored.

"Heart + Soil Day began last year as a way to help people recognise this concept in the hope that they have more enriching and enlightening experiences in nature."

"Today, and every day, we should celebrate the Earth's natural wonders as well as our relationship with them to further inspire wellness around us."

This year, Lycored's team in the United States and around the world recognised Heart + Soil Day by partnering with The Pothole Gardener.

The Pothole Gardener and Lycored distributed 20 kits to schools and partners around the world filled with the essentials for turning once neglected parts of neighbourhoods into whimsical surprises for those who stumble upon them.

For the first time ever, The Pothole Gardener took a step back and let others create these magical moments, while coaching the teams every step of the way.

With their pothole gardening kits, passersby were able to experience an unexpected happy moment while walking to their destinations in Brooklyn, New York, Sydney, Australia, Paris, France, and outside Tel Aviv, Israel.

Each pothole garden kit included an inspirational video from The Pothole Gardener, a five step process on how to create a pothole garden and all the tools needed to let their imaginations bloom, including a mini-packet of tomato seeds.

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“Heart + Soil Day is not only about appreciating and celebrating natural wonders, but also our connection to them and, as a result, each other, and we could not be more honoured to have The Pothole Gardener help us to bring this year’s initiative to life."

"We are also proud to have the support from some of our key partners including Rainbow Light/Nutranext (Santa Cruz, CA) and Trapeze (Australia),” said Zev Ziegler, Head of Marketing (Health) at Lycored.

“This day is all about taking time out of our busy schedules to reconnect with nature, and by giving people the tools to create beautiful pothole gardens of their own we are doing just that – and hopefully putting a smile on their face during the process.”

“The Pothole Gardener project is all about creating unexpected moments of happiness, and I am thrilled to collaborate with Lycored for this year’s Heart + Soil Day,” said Steve Wheen, The Pothole Gardener. “What began as my way to brighten up the greyness of London has turned into a global movement to spread happiness through small moments of joy and nature.”

In other parts of the world, specifically as a continuation of the Good in Bloom portion of Heart + Soil Day, Lycored's Ukraine team will be unveiling new renovations completed in a nearby community park, and the US team on the west coast partnered with the “Do Good Bus” to select them for a mystery do-good experience.

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On the east coast, Lycored partnered with national organisation, Habitat for Humanity, where Lycored team members will be assisting in a build at a local project site.