Latest developments from Indena at Food ingredients Europe 2017


The use of botanical flavourings to replace synthetic ones or to provide a more natural and genuine taste in food is now well established in the industry

This follows requests from consumers, who are evermore demanding in terms of quality and transparency: they want to know what's in the food they buy, which heavily influences their purchasing decisions.

On top of this, regulators are working to progressively reduce or abolish substances whose presence, although technically useful, represents a concern for consumer health or for environmental sustainability.

The botanical kingdom, if wisely used, can offer effective solutions that are capable of satisfying both consumer safety concerns and the industry’s technical requests.

Indena has been present for more than two decades in the food supplement and functional food market, offering high-quality and highly reproducible extracts from edible plants.

This year, Indena brings OPLODEX to FiE, its patent pending platform for food preservation.

OPLODEX is a new system of flavouring preparations based on an innovative combination of natural polyphenols endowed with strong antioxidant and chelating properties, which is stable in a broad range of pH and temperatures.

The OPLODEX range of food ingredients — OPLODEX QT (oak and green tea extracts), OPLODEX QE (oak wood and green tea extracts) and OPLODEX TE (green tea and grape seed extracts) — is a cocktail of selected botanical ingredients, rich in polyphenols and specifically tailored to assist the food industry in its quest for effective, safe and natural solutions.

The OPLODEX platform has been tested in several trials, in cooked ham, hamburgers, convenience foods and functional pasta, outperforming both market benchmarks and synthetic ingredients (such as EDTA), with the aim of offering an active solution for fresh and processed food shelf-life.

The tests done on the OPLODEX system have assessed antioxidant power, radical scavenging activity and chelation effect.

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