Laboratoire PYC expands plant-based offering for 2022


From a nutritional point of view, all product concepts are are reduced in carbohydrates and low in sugars

Laboratoire PYC has announced extensions to its vegan line of diet products and food supplements for 2022. Several products made using plant proteins have just been launched, as well as additional vegan formulas for food supplements.

Protein snacks

Three dietetic products rich in plant-based proteins are now available from Laboratoire: 'Veggie popped crisps' and two variations of vegan filled wafers.

The wafers are formulated with brown rice protein and yellow pea protein, containing no palm oil. Two flavours are available: coffee delight and chocolate flavour.

Veggie popped crisps are savoury popped snacks made from soy, pea and bean. The snacks are high in fibre and low in sugar, and each sachet provides 13 g of protein.

Protein mixes to rehydrate

The company has also introduced a line of protein mixes on a plant base and in powder form. They provide 15 g of protein and are reconstituted with water.

Four flavours are available: chocolate peanut flavour drink, strawberry-banana flavour drink, praline hazelnut cream with hazelnut pieces, and leek and potato flavoured soup.

The products are made up of a mixture of two non-allergenic vegetable protein sources (pea, pumpkin seed) and a yeast protein, which together give a complete amino acid profile.

The yeast protein has the advantage of being neutral in taste. It’s manufactured in France and its fermentation-based production method has little carbon impact; it also requires only a small amount of water and energy, therefore reducing the product’s environmental footprint. Yeast protein is one of the breakthrough innovations in the world of non-animal proteins.

From a nutritional point of view, all product concepts are are reduced in carbohydrates and low in sugars.

Vegan food supplements

The company is also expanding its range of vegan food supplements, including vegan beauty gummies and immunity gummies. For weight management, a vegan and clean label ‘flat belly’ supplement has also been launched.

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