Kyowa Hakko Bio launches global Kyowa Quality website


Introducing a new website for products made with Kyowa Hakko’s ingredients backed by its Kyowa Quality mark

Kyowa Hakko Bio is an international health ingredients manufacturer whose primary goal is to provide health solutions supporting optimal health, for improved quality of life.

Pioneers in the development and application of patented fermentation technology, Kyowa’s ingredients meet the most demanding quality assurance standards in place within the dietary supplement, health food, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals industries.

Kyowa Hakko represents a line of well researched, branded ingredients and an extensive line of quality assured, ultra-pure amino acids that are guaranteed with the Kyowa Quality name or seal.

The brand essence behind the Kyowa Quality is Nature, Health and Science.


Kyowa’s products are plant based, produced through a natural fermentation process.


Contributing to the health and well-being of people around the world.


Scientifically tested and provide world class quality. For more than 60 years Kyowa has been at the forefront of research and development of high quality ingredients.

No one is positioned better to help consumers find products containing Kyowa ingredients than Kyowa. We have therefore announced the launch of, a new website for products containing our ingredients and backed by our Kyowa Quality mark.

In recent years the advent of the internet has allowed consumers to become increasingly knowledgeable and they are now looking not just for known brand names but also for key ingredients from manufacturers they can trust.

The site features Kyowa’s line of Kyowa Quality ingredients as well as products that hold the KQ Logo from around the world. Kyowa’s Quality ingredients include strategically branded ingredients and amino acids, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, food grade ingredients and industrial grade ingredients.

For more information about the Kyowa Quality website, visit or contact your local Kyowa representative office.

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