Kemin spearmint extract achieves GRAS status

Neumentix spearmint extract status creates multiple opportunities for cognition benefits in functional foods and beverages

Kemin Industries supplement ingredient Neumentix Phenolic Complex K110-42 has received self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) status after an intensive review of safety by an independent panel of scientific experts.

The water-extracted spearmint can now be used in a variety of functional food and beverage applications.

Neumentix is a clinically-studied botanical ingredient that has been shown to support cognitive health, working memory performance and healthy sleep patterns in adults.

A recent Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) study found 68% of young professionals, ages 18–35, showed a strong desire to purchase a product like Neumentix, indicating a growing interest in cognitive health among younger generations.

“We are seeing increased demand for foods and supplements that can naturally help people increase their productivity throughout the day,” said Kim Colletti, Global Cognition Product Manager at Kemin Human Health and Nutrition.

“Neumentix has the potential to meet this growing demand, especially for busy professionals struggling to manage work, care for their families and maintain their health.”

Neumentix contains more than 50 phenolic constituents and is naturally-sourced from non-GMO lines of polyphenol-rich spearmint developed by Kemin.

The complex botanical offers multiple uses for the global functional food and beverage market, which is expected to grow by $41 bn in five years.

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