Join Faravelli Nutra Division and Naturalea at SSW19


The team will be welcoming visitors at booth #6965

Faravelli Nutra Division & Naturalea will be attending the 2019 edition of Supply Side West, to be held in Las Vegas on 17-18 October. The team will be welcoming visitors at booth #6965

Naturalea is a Swiss company specialising in the development of natural active ingredients (botanical extracts).

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At SSW19 the company will introduce:

  • Noomato: an innovative nootropic extract from a special non-GM cultivar of the common tomato plant (Solanum lycopersicum), with clinically tested functions. Noomato helps support cognitive function (even under great stress and exercise) and mental sharpness during exercise.
  • Gardenia: a new extract from Gardenia fruits that contains the smallest molecule of carotenoid available, particularly useful for eye protection.
  • Hibex: an extract obtained out of a specific cultivar of Hibiscus sabdariffa, a source of healthy anthocyanins and a gorgeous natural red colourant, traditionally used to treat high blood pressure, liver disorders and urinary tract disorders.
  • Ooolong: From aged Oolong Tea leaves (Camellia sinensis), a source of teaghrelins and a metabolism booster.

Discover Naturalea at SSW19, Las Vegas, booth 6965

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