Jarrow Formulas launches PS-PA Synergy for stress management


New supplement uses Lipogen anti-stress PSPA

The first PSPA supplement for stress management in the US market, PS-PA Synergy, has been launched by Jarrow Formulas. The PS-PA Synergy supplement is based on Lipogen PSPA, a brain health and stress management ingredient clinically shown to alleviate stress response and improve cognition.

Lipogen's PSPA ingredient is a proprietary phosphatidylserine (PS) + phosphatidic acid (PA) complex, clinically shown in two separate trials to improve the stress response under psychological and socially demanding conditions, measured in lower levels of cortisol (stress hormone). Lipogen’s PSPA is kosher, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and non-GMO.

Jarrow Formulas markets PS-PA Synergy with national retailers, drugstores and health food stores, as well as through online retailers.

PS-PA Synergy is formulated to contain the optimal amount of PS (400mg) and PA (400mg) per serving of three capsules per day. This dosage has been shown in clinical research to be the most effective at stabilising internal hormonal secretion during and after stressful situations.

'In launching PS-PA Synergy, we’re presenting a new dietary supplement based on phospholipids to proactively support stress management at work and for students,' says Jarrow Rogovin, President and founder of Jarrow Formulas. 'This product is an important addition to our line of specialty products, in the Jarrow Formulas’ tradition of offering the highest standards of innovative, safe and effective supplements.'

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The success of PS as a cognitive health ingredient prompted Lipogen to further research — and subsequently to clinically demonstrate — the efficacy and safety of the new PS-PA ingredient for alleviating the stress response,' adds David Rutenberg, CEO of Lipogen. 'Jarrow Formulas understands the importance of, and the necessity for, a supplement that addresses stress management to help support active lifestyle of productive and healthy well-being.'