JLB Développement creates shot for athletes with Kaneka Ubiquinol

"Ready to Recover" features Kaneka Ubiquinol to improve endurance and recovery

JLB Développement has created a shot in collaboration with Kaneka called "Ready to Recover", to improve the recovery and overall physical and mental performance of athletes.

Today, being able to recover quickly from a strenuous activity is considered key to athletic success. The shot "Ready to Recover" combines Ubiquinol, collagen, BCAAs and Melissa extracts to boost athletic recovery.

Ubiquinol is an active form of Coenzyme (CoQ10), which is found in the body. This antioxidant plays a part in the production of energy. It has a key role in reducing fatigue and contributes to mental wellness. CoQ10 is the fuel that boosts energy production in cells.

Kaneka Ubiquinol is patented and its ability to improve endurance and protect muscles during sports training is clinically proven. It increases muscular energy, supports muscle recovery, protects against oxidative stress related to intensive exercise, protects from inflammation and promotes a rapid return to peak performance.

In order to protect athletes from collateral damage related to sport practice, the shot "Ready to Recover" also contains 10g of collagen to support muscle health by improving the level of proteins. It restores bone density and reinforces joint functions to prevent discomfort and diseases.

Relevant clinical studies:

Studies show that Ubiquinol improves the performance of athletes during training and helps them stay in good health. According to Alf D. et al., Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 2013; a daily supplementation of 300 mg UbiquinolTM taken over six weeks improved physical performance in young healthy trained German Olympic athletes.

Professor Masaaki Sugita, chairman of the scientific committee of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations recommends taking a supplement of Ubiquinol with 300mg daily for a week before and five days after endurance activities.

Filip Van Hulle, Senior Manager at Kaneka Pharma Europe, talks about the positive effects of taking Ubiquinol on health. Not only does it enhance endurance and the recovery of muscle damage, it improves focus, sleep and reduces stress.

Studies show that collagen is a nutritional supplement that has an anabolic effect on cartilage tissue and appears to benefit patients with osteoarthritis. According to Kristine L. Clark et al., Current Medical Research and Opinion, Volume 24, 2008, Issue 5, it has been shown that athletes who took a daily dose of 10g of collagen over the course of six months, experienced less harmful effects on their athletic performance, such as a reduction in the level of pain they experienced.

As a contract manufacturer, JLB Développement has worked on the concept and creation of the product in collaboration with KANEKA PHARMA EUROPE n.v.

Find JLB at Vitafoods Europe at booth K69 from the 7-9 May to taste the product. The shot will be judged at the Tasting Center Awards on 8 May.

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