Interview with Tocotrienol researcher


Professor KH Yuen discusses the neuroprotective properties of EVNol SupraBio and his latest research updates in an interview with ExcelVite

Malaysian tocotrienol specialist, Professor KH Yuen, spoke with ExcelVite in an interview about neuroprotective properties of the patented and bioenhanced palm tocotrienol complex (EVNol SupraBio) during the Palm International Nutra-Cosmeceutical Conference (PINC) held at Kuala Lumpur.

During the interview, Prof Yuen first explained the differences between vitamin E tocopherol and tocotrienol, describing the unique neuroprotective properties of tocotrienol delivered through ExcelVite’s EVNol SupraBio in pre- and post-stroke conditions as shown by human clinical studies.

Prof Yuen went on to discuss an ongoing study currently being conducted in his laboratory, which examines the effect of EVNol SupraBio on beta-amyloid-induced paralysis in a type of transgenic roundworm called C. elegans. Preliminary findings of the study show that tocotrienol delays paralysis in C. elegans.

“Evidence of neuroprotective benefits of EVNol SupraBio has continued to surface. From the initial in vitro studies since 1999, published peer-review studies covering mechanisms of action, large animal trials, and human clinical trial are on-going to this day,” said Bryan See, Business Development Manager, ExcelVite.

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“The ongoing study using C. elegans shows that tocotrienol from EVNol SupraBio could delay the onset of paralysis caused by beta-amyloid – a compound that is commonly found in the brains of Alzheimer patients – indicating a potential role tocotrienol could play in countering the effects of beta-amyloid,” added Bryan.