Ingredion launches new online tool on pulses to the food industry


The Pulsepedia contains information about the different properties of pulses flours and proteins and how to match these properties to the right application

Ingredion has launched a new online reference tool - The Pulsepedia - to help the food industry understand how pulse-based proteins and flours can meet the continuing consumer demand for nutritious, protein rich ingredients.

The easy-to-navigate, online information source provides everything from the benefits of incorporating pulses into new and existing formulations, to the on-pack claims they support. Manufacturers, retailers, chefs and the wider food services sector can get information on the properties, benefits, considerations and applications of pulse proteins and flours from a single source.

Mona Rademacher, European Marketing Manager, Wholesome, at Ingredion, explains: 'Manufacturers are recognising that by adding pulse products, such as flours and proteins, to food products such as snacks, breadings and sauces they can meet the demand for healthy, nutritious food in a consumer-friendly way. While this is an exciting development, it is still an emerging trend. The Pulsepedia is designed to make it easier for the industry to learn about the specific benefits and applications of pulse-based ingredients for their business.'

'The naturally high protein content of pulses, typically 20-25%, makes them particularly appealing given both the current interest in fuller for longer foods and the rise of the 'flexitarian' trend where individuals choose to not eat as much meat. Using a pulse flour or protein supports a clean label, provides a plant-based protein alternative and enables 'source of protein' or 'high protein' claims to be made. In fact, manufacturers need to be aware of how pulse ingredients can help them achieve a wide range of claims, including nutritional, gluten-free, natural, additive-free, vegan, meat-free, kosher and halal,' she added.

Pulses are a versatile ingredient suitable for a range of applications including snacks, breads, biscuits, cereals, batters and breadings, pasta, soups and sauces. Although many in the industry are aware of the key attributes of pulses, some may be less sure of their functionality.

Rademacher continues: 'In addition to protein enrichment, pulse flours can be used to enhance texture in products, such as adding crunchiness to cereals and snacks and improving the crispiness and colour of batters and breadings. They can also be used to vary the taste and colour of products. Keeping up to date with the latest applications of pulse-based ingredients is a key part of our new online tool.'

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The Pulsepedia also contains information about the different properties of pulses flours and proteins and how to match these properties to the right application, such as the higher protein content of faba bean flours compared with lentil flours, to ensure successful recipe formulation.