Indena releases eighth episode of Phytocast


The previous episode covered the technological innovations of the 1970s

Indena has released the eighth episode of its Phytocast podcast, a historical series taking a decade-by-decade look at the company’s progress since it was founded in 1921.

The most recent episode is dedicated to the 1980s, titled: “The Phytocomplex”.

“The spirit of these years is marked by a new aesthetic, by people’s desire to be in shape, to take care of their body – investing time and attention in food and health products, with a special focus on natural options. In this context, Indena seizes the perfect time to give new value to complex plant extracts: its long laboratory expertise is finally able to prove multi-component derivatives are repeatable and reliable, creating the conditions for the nutraceutical market to blossom,” the company said.

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“There is one plant that, above all others, can celebrate the decade and fully represent the story of this new supply chain: the Bilberry, which Indena used to develop – and successfully test – a new method to map and characterise anthocyanins. An extract that is still considered a universal standard in nutraceutics, able to prove the beneficial effects of phytocomplexes on health.”

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