I Holland set to brief the nutraceutical industry on production improvements at Vitafood Europe


Tabletting experts, I Holland, will be addressing delegates on how they can extend tooling life during Vitafoods Europe, the largest international event for the nutraceutical industry being held in Geneva from 15 – 17 May 2018

A breakfast briefing on 16 May will bring together leaders in the manufacture of nutraceuticals wishing to find out more about how they can improve production, with I Holland highlighting processes to increase tablet manufacture and extend tabletting campaigns.

Alex Bunting, Marketing Manager at I Holland said: “The development of solid-dose nutraceutical products into a formulation that can be compressed in a modern tablet press at high speed can cause many technical challenges but particularly due to their generally abrasive nature. The breakfast briefing will give I Holland the opportunity to discuss how an inexpensive change to tablet punches can extend tooling life by up to 900%.

The briefing will help to highlight the most prolific problems and offer answers to each issue with the use of tried and tested technical advances and design techniques. We will also look at how innovative steels and coatings can help to combat abrasion, sticking and other common tabletting issues, all of which will help to improve output and profitability.

“This is the first time we have held such an event at Vitafoods Europe and we are looking forward to meeting with delegates and sharing I Holland’s 70 plus years of experience and expertise in the production process within tablet manufacturing.“

During the briefing, I Holland will introduce its latest unique punch and die package - NutraTool. Engineered specifically to produce nutraceutical products, it is robust and durable tooling designed to stand up to the aggressive characteristics typically found in nutraceutical formulations.

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I Holland Breakfast Briefing will be held at Vitafood Europe on Wednesday 16 May at 9am. For further information, or to book a space contact alex.bunting@iholland.co.uk