High-protein breakfast: the innovation for sellers of branded goods

Published: 12-Dec-2016

SternLife supplies ideas to meet the modern nutrition trend

"Beyond the athlete” is one of the top ten trends recently identified by Innova Market Insights.

The market researchers focused attention on the steadily expanding range of protein products that have long ceased to be marketed only to athletes and people with weight problems.

Dairy products, bakery goods, cereals, snacks and even ready meals offer an extra amount of protein. As of today, the new high-protein breakfast products from SternLife promise the sellers of sports nutrition and health foods as well as drugstores or supermarkets with their own private brands the potential to generate extra sales.

SternLife, specialist for functional foods has developed a varied range with a selection of protein products for the private label business, which will enable clients to close a gap in the market, which is that up to now the choice of high-protein breakfast products has been very limited.

New protein products to put the brand on the breakfast table

The new SternLife breakfast range consists of trendy products that are fun to eat and convenient to use while at the same time offering a high protein content. The range includes high-protein powder mixes for pancakes, porridge and rice pudding and a nutrition-packed baking mix enabling customers to make their own protein bread at home.

The protein pancake mix is based on a blend of top quality whey protein, lactoproteins and today’s “it” food, oatmeal. The slightly sweetened mix contains 60 per cent protein.

The whey protein is a big added benefit, because it is rich in the branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. The protein porridge contains an astounding 30 per cent protein.

SternLife’s protein porridge is a particularly tasty product made of gluten-free oat flakes, lactoprotein and apple powder seasoned with cinnamon. This breakfast delivers a protein content of 30 per cent. Impulse buyers will also be attracted to the protein rice pudding, which is just as fast and easy to prepare as pancakes and porridge.

To make the dish the consumer simply needs to mix the readily soluble powder with milk or water and, if required, heat the mixture.

“These new breakfast products serve a sector for which demand is steadily growing. This is a great addition to the range and will allow our clients to place their brand on the breakfast table,” says Marc van Essen, Sales Director of SternLife. And going even further, porridge, milk pudding and pancake mixes can be quickly turned into an excellent, healthy and, above all, satisfying lunch or snack. Taking the products out of the breakfast-only slot creates new marketing options.

High-protein bread baking mix for a wide target group

As of today, our clients can also choose the new protein bread baking mix that caters to consumers who prefer a traditional continental breakfast range, but would like to enrich it with protein. The baking mix consists of linseed flour, rice and pea protein, sunflower seeds and psyllium (plantago).

Psyllium seeds come from a plant long known for its medicinal properties; it has traditionally been used mostly for its positive effect on the intestines. With its unique nutrient profile the protein baking mix helps maintain a balanced diet and thus appeals to a wide target audience - including people who want to follow a low-carb regime. The protein bread contains little carbohydrate and is also vegan. Moreover, the label is clean and clear, having only a short list of ingredients.

The high-protein breakfast products from SternLife offer brands of diet and sport foods, as well as established drugstores and food retailers for their private label goods a range of products that meet market demand. They help in targeting new consumer groups and in generating additional sales.

As Marc van Essen explains, the ready-made product concepts can be expanded to suit individual needs. “There is no problem in creating a full range of breakfast products with different tastes or fortified with superfoods such as moringa or acai. Our clients experience one-stop shopping, from the initial idea, through development to the finished product. Many customers really value the fact that we produce the goods ourselves - that they are made in Germany.”

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