Health Canada grants additional health claims for Lallemand probiotic


The updated claims support Rosella's use in helping women maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome

Health Canada grants additional health claims for Lallemand probiotic

Lallemand Health Solutions’ orally administered probiotic for women’s intimate health, L. plantarum Rosella, has gained additional indications from Health Canada, recognising its capacity to help support a healthy vaginal microbiome.

The specific claims obtained are:

  • Source of probiotics
  • Helps support female or vaginal health
  • Helps support a healthy vaginal microflora
  • Maintains a healthy vaginal microbiome

“This unique probiotic strain, isolated from a healthy vaginal flora with full mechanistic and clinical evidence, is one of the most documented strains in the world in the women’s health area. It has been studied in over 800 women, in six clinical studies, including two by oral intake. Health Canada just confirmed the strain’s ability to support women’s intimate health while taken orally,” said Solange Henoud, Global Regulatory Affairs Director at Lallemand Health Solutions.

“Women will be enthusiastic to rely on such a natural solution with a convenient route of administration” she added. “On a separate note, it is important to notice how Canadian regulators are recognising terms such as microbiome which at the end will also serve to enlighten consumers, through accurate labelling, on the most modern scientific language used in our field” she concluded.

Last year Lallemand Health Solutions acquired the right to license and commercialise Proge Farm’s probiotic strain L. plantarum P17630 (Proge P17630), which is reportedly recognised for its women-specific health benefits, from helping to maintain proper vaginal balance to being used for recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (rVVC).

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Rosella is available in several dosage forms and can be formulated with other ingredients for extra health claims relevant to the specific targeted population.

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