Groupe Berkem launches active ingredients for nutraceuticals market

Published: 15-Sep-2023

The company has launched a range of premium active ingredients targeting the balance of intestinal microbiota, with innovations based on ethically sourced natural extracts

Groupe Berkem has announced the launch of Biombalance, its new range of premium active ingredients for the nutraceuticals market.

Olivier Fahy, Chairman and CEO of Groupe Berkem said: "We are particularly proud to be able to offer our customers a range of natural active ingredients with scientifically proven human health benefits. With the launch of Biombalance, we are pursuing the strategy of broadening our offering that we initiated with the acquisition of Bioceuticals earlier this year, giving even greater credibility to our positioning in this fast-growing market.”

Fahy continued: “We are convinced that we can leverage our deep expertise in plant extraction in this business segment, for which innovation and the naturalness of products are key drivers.”

We are now in a position to offer the nutraceuticals market ethically sourced ingredients, rigorously selected for their active molecules

Eric Moussu, VP of Sales of Groupe Berkem

Eric Moussu, VP of Sales of Groupe Berkem, added: "This new range of premium active ingredients represents the culmination of a long-standing effort by Groupe Berkem's R&D teams, and demonstrates once again the quality of the solutions we offer to the Health, Beauty & Nutrition segments.” 

Based on Groupe Berkem's deep expertise in plant extraction and the development of active ingredients, the Biombalance range of premium ingredients meets the demand for food supplements targeting intestinal microbiota balance, a health issue affecting millions of people worldwide.

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge and expertise of plants and their active molecules, Groupe Berkem has selected ingredients targeting microbiota balance, restoring the intestinal barrier, reducing oxidative stress and restoring immune tolerance. 

The flagship product of this new range, Symgrape, is a premium active ingredient derived from the extraction of polyphenols from grape seeds, one of the company's long-standing activities, themselves rigorously selected, sustainably sourced and endowed with significant scientifically proven benefits for intestinal health. 

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Moussu continued: “Indeed, in addition to reinforcing the group's international development strategy, we are now in a position to offer the nutraceuticals market ethically sourced ingredients, rigorously selected for their active molecules with a favourable impact on digestive health and scientifically proven benefits.”

With this new range, Groupe Berkem strengthens its position in the fast-expanding nutraceuticals market, and more specifically in the food supplements segment for intestinal health, estimated at $38.8 billion in 20212 and expected to grow by almost 9% a year between now and 20313. 

This product launch also follows on from the acquisition of i.Bioceuticals in February 2023, which enabled Groupe Berkem to enter North America, the world's leading nutraceuticals market, where Groupe Berkem had already been distributing its natural active ingredients for several decades.            

Alongside Symgrape, the Biombalance range includes three additional premium ingredients with recognised virtues for the health of the human microbiota: Symint, Mallowsym and Symthy.

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