GoodMills Innovation focuses on health and functionality


From baking ingredients with added value and innovative concepts for whole grain products right through to process optimisation, at FiE 2017, Europe’s largest milling company showcased its comprehensive portfolio

At this year’s Fi Europe, GoodMills Innovation presented various products and concepts with a firm focus on health.

2ab Wheat, a newly discovered ancient grain, is an easy-to-digest alternative to modern bread wheat that delivers tasty and high indulgence baked goods that are ideal for wheat-sensitive customers.

Additionally, with its Whole Grain Index and its innovative range of light-coloured whole grain flours, GoodMills Innovation presented effective solutions that make whole grain products more attractive to a broader range of consumers. The company also presented functional flours that facilitate processing and fulfil the highest Clean Label and salt reduction standards.

2ab Wheat combines digestibility and indulgence

With the ancient grain variety 2ab, the GoodMills Innovation experts presented a new product that offers bakers a real alternative to conventional bread wheat.

Bakery products made from 2ab flour are particularly well tolerated, and are convincing in taste and texture.

They are ideal for wheat-sensitive consumers whose options have thus far been limited to gluten- or wheat-free products with a distinct lack of indulgence. For both industrial and artisan bakeries, 2ab Wheat offers easy handling and excellent baking properties too.

Increasing whole grain consumption the easy way

GoodMills Innovation also introduced a concept aimed at increasing consumption of baked goods made from whole grain. With an eye on delivering consumer health benefits as well as optimum taste and texture, the company has developed whole grain flours with a light appearance.

SNOW WHEAT, White Gold and SNOW SPELT both have the valuable nutritional properties of whole grain, but are finely ground, of a light colour and enable the production of mild-tasting baked goods without the typical bitterness of conventional whole grain products.

To communicate the fact that light coloured products can be as healthy as darker coloured ones, the company has created the Whole Grain Index. This allows manufacturers to calculate the precise whole grain content of their products online and then download the information in a graphic file for use on packaging. This then acts as seal of transparency that clears up the myth that browner bakery products are automatically more wholesome than whiter ones.

Creative answers to current industry trends

With more and more consumers critically questioning the ingredients in their food, PURAFARIN HydroSoft is an innovative functional flour that meets Clean and Lean Label standards and ensures high quality results in a broad variety of bakery items, from muffins and puff pastries to white bread and pizzas.

Trade visitors to FiE were able to see first hand how the ingredient improves the volume, texture and freshness of bakery products and thus makes emulsifiers and thickeners redundant. PURAFARIN HydroSoft contains only wheat flour that has undergone special hydrothermal physical processing, and is free from synthetic additives.

For the décor segment, GoodMills Innovation’s product developers have been working on solutions for salt reduction. The company’s new Slow Milling Pretzel Salt Light SG allows bakers to create optically convincing decoration for their pretzels while reducing the salt content 50% in total and 75% in the décor.

The innovative pretzel salt is a special blend of salt and rice flour, and thus looks delicious without having the usual intense and overly salty taste.

Thanks to its natural coating, the product is stable during thawing and baking, so it is suitable for frozen items. At the same time, it meets Clean Label standards. For best application results, GoodMills Innovation recommends applying the pretzel salt with GECKO Ultra seed adhesive.

This is based on wheat flour, so is of pure, natural origin, and guarantees much better adhesion of various décors, including seeds and salt. As well as producing visually attractive results and higher customer satisfaction, GECKO® Ultra allows bakers to make significant cost savings through reduced waste and less time and money spent on cleaning.

Better health for bakers too

To help reduce the risk of occupational asthma among bakers, GoodMills Innovation has also invested its expertise in the development of low-dust release flours such as TIP-TOP.

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A special refining process not only reduces the fine dust content of the flour, but also cuts the potentially allergenic effects of wheat proteins. Not only does TIP-TOP bring benefits to bakery employees, it is also better for machinery as it reduces the need for cleaning and prevents mould growth.