Gencor Levagen+ certified informed ingredient by LGC


Levagen+ can be formulated into effervescent tablets, RTD shots, functional foods and beverages, gummies

Gencor Levagen+ certified informed ingredient by LGC

Gencor has announced its branded palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) ingredient, Levagen+, has received the informed ingredient certification from LGC, UK’s designated National Measurement Institute for chemical and biomeasurement, for absence of WADA-prohibited substances. This certification is recognised by worldwide sporting authorities and labels the ingredient safe to be used by athletes, without concerns of any prohibited substances.

“We are thrilled that Levagen+ is now certified as an informed ingredient,” said Chase Shyroc, VP of Sales & Business Development for Gencor. “This is a huge milestone for athletes as they can take comfort in supplementing with Levagen+ to support their sports performance without any concerns of using a banned substance.”

Levagen+ uses Gencor’s patented delivery technology to reportedly increase bioavailability and functionality. The company describes it as an ingredient solution with the ability to target multiple pathways and address athletes’ common concerns such as joint health, exercise recovery, sleep quality and discomfort.

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Ingredients carrying the informed ingredient mark have been regularly tested for substances considered prohibited by WADA. In addition, the certification is intended to ensure that ingredients have been manufactured to high-quality standards and minimise the risk of any adulteration or contamination.

“As a self-affirmed GRAS ingredient backed by safety studies, Levagen+ now has an added layer of safety as an informed ingredient.” said Shyroc, “This certification is something that both the elite and amateur athletes can appreciate.”

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