Gelita to exhibit at FIC Shanghai


Representatives from the company will discuss its gelatin and BCP ranges, and its turn-key product offering

Gelita to exhibit at FIC Shanghai

Gelita will be exhibiting at FIC on June 8 – 10 2021 in Shanghai, showing its gelatin and BCP product ranges.

The company’s gelatin is designed to provide texturising properties and ease of use in formulations. The ingredient’s foaming characteristics enable high and stable foamy peaks, the company claims. Manufacturers can use it to create clear, shiny and sheeny gels, or in whipping and emulsifying whipped treats. Gelatin melts at body temperature, which the company says can enhance the release of more subtle flavours, “creating a remarkable and positively memorable sensory experience”.

Gelita’s bioactive collagen peptides (BCPs) will also be discussed at FIC, where the company’s nutritional experts will talk to visitors about several recent studies which illustrate the ingredient’s use in sports nutrition, healthy ageing, beauty from within and immune health.

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For companies that would rather a ready to market product rather than develop one, Gelita can provide turn-key BCP products. It offers application formats like powders, shots, gummies and bars, and companies can use their own brand or licence one of Gelita’s in the final product.