Frutarom granted product licence for Benolea by Canada NHPD


For a recommended use in support of cardiovascular health by maintaining healthy blood pressure levels

The Canadian Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) has granted Frutarom a product licence for its Benolea cardiovascular health support ingredient.

Benolea, derived from olive leaves, supports cardiovascular health by maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, subject to certain limitations set out in the licence.

A clinical study by Endang Susalit, et al, showed that extract of olive leaf (Olea europaea) was effective in patients with stage-1 hypertension, demonstrating that Benolea can lower blood pressure. The results are published in the journal Phytomedicine.

As of next month, Benolea, manufactured in Wadinswil, Switzerland, using Frutarom’s proprietary HyperPure process, will be available to dietary supplement manufacturers in Canada.

The product will be marketed in Canada by CK Ingredients, an Ontario-based distributor of speciality food and supplement ingredients.

According to The Heart and Stroke Foundation, research affirms that heart/cardiovascular disease is the leading killer in Canada. It is also the most costly disease in the country, placing the greatest burden on the national healthcare system. Based on the latest available heart disease and stroke statistics, about 40% of Canadians have high blood cholesterol (Statistics Canada, 2012), and nearly 20% of Canadian adults (about six million) have high blood pressure (Wilkins et al, 2010).

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Benolea is already marketed in the US, Germany, Finland and Bulgaria.