Friesland Campina Ingredients will be participating at Vitafoods 2017

For Sports and Weight Management the global trend is to not only to increase protein levels, but also to optimise protein timing

For Infant Nutrition, with the continuously changing regulatory landscape, our ingredients support you to comply with current and future demands for this market.

For an athlete, a good night recovery is crucial. It is possible to boost muscle recovery during the night with the right recovery strategy.

Casein protein, ingested in the evening prior to sleep, is properly digested and absorbed, resulting in muscle protein accretion throughout a night’s sleep.

Compared with fast whey protein, Excellion Protein gives a prolonged release of amino acids to the blood stream, which lasts for over 7 hours!

Friesland Campina Ingredients invite you to visit their two conference speakers at the Exhibitor Theatre on May 10th:

  • “Omega-3 in Food; how fortification with encapsulated omega-3 LCPUFAs adds value to your products”
  • “How to boost muscle recovery during the night? Rediscover casein protein“

Friesland Campina Ingredients at booth D64!