FrieslandCampina identifies four key trends for 2021

As COVID-19 continues to influence global behaviours, there is significantly increased consumer interest in health consciousness, overall well-being, and the role of nutrition in supporting individual needs

FrieslandCampina Ingredients has released a report outlining the trends and developments for the future of performance and active nutrition. The report: ‘Nutritional Food: Shaping the Future of New Ingredients,’ is based on research conducted last year, aiming to offer insights into market developments and consumer choices. FrieslandCampina identified four trends it says are set to shape the performance and active nutrition market.

The first is a ‘renewed outlook on health and wellbeing’. Consumers are paying more attention to eating well, exercising, and are looking for products to support their health and overall quality of life, the company says. It predicts a strong growth opportunity for health-related food and beverage products, including clean label, convenience, hydration, protein fortification, gut health, brain health and immunity.

The second trend FrieslandCampina identified is personalised, nutritious products that can be easily incorporated into work and social life. The female market is set for huge growth, as women account for a growing proportion of the performance and active nutrition market, but still lack products that align with their goals and preferences. Proteins are essential to performance nutrition, but can be difficult to choose for consumers looking for specific requirements. Products tailored to individual needs look set to attract consumer attention.

An increased focus on health is also leading to consumers re-evaluating their snacking habits and reasons behind them. With 51% of active consumers skipping ‘most’ or ‘all’ meals due to time pressure, there is clear demand for products that are nutritious as well as convenient. Evolving mealtime habits, perceptions of time-scarcity and a greater focus on health than ever before will drive demand for products that offer convenient nutritional boosts for active consumers.

The last trend the company points to is consumers aiming for the lowest possible environmental impact. It notes consumer trust in some brands has begun to diminish, which will make clean labelling and transparency regarding ingredients more important than ever in 2021.

“Right now, we’re seeing behaviour and needs shifting faster than ever before,” said Vicky Davies, Global Marketing Director, Performance, Active and Medical Nutrition. “COVID-19 has brought health and wellness to the fore, and it will be essential for brands to keep in tune with these evolving concerns in 2021 and beyond. In our report, we aim to shed light on the trends set to shape the performance and active nutrition industry and its future. At FrieslandCampina Ingredients, we pride ourselves on our understanding of consumer interests and buying behaviours, so we are always rethinking how we can innovate with our dairy ingredients and continue to collaborate with our partners to create timely and relevant solutions.”