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100 years of botanical excellence

Indena's journey through time continues as it launches the fifth episode of PHYTOCAST: 'Sustainability'.

Travel back in time to the 1950s; These years marked a turning point for the company that would later be known as Indena, as a new association between production of botanical derivatives and protection of the natural environment and resources shaped the core of our philosophy. And there’s more: Inverni Della Beffa began to manufacture and market finished medicinal products, based on the phytotherapeutic ingredients produced in its laboratories.

Indena chose the Gloriosa orchid as the iconic plant to celebrate this decade, which offers the opportunity to talk about innovation and sustainability. The company explains how biotechnologists developed a fermentation process that eliminates waste and unlocks the Gloriosa’s full potential, obtaining an active ingredient that is at the base of a famous muscle relaxant.

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