Focus on resveratrol in South America


Resveratrol2017, Mendoza, Argentina

Resveratrol2017 will take place from 12–13 October in Mendoza, Argentina.

Hosted by the University of Aconcagua, this regional resveratrol meeting will have focus on the scientific community in South America working with resveratrol while a number of leading experts from overseas will also be joining.

Taking place in the in the hearth of Argentina’s wine-area, participants of Resveratrol2017 will have the possibility to visit some of the best wineries during a guided trip organised by the University of Aconcagua.

This 2 day scientific meeting will focus on resveratrol studies from academia — mainly in the South American region — with some overseas participation.

In addition to invited presentations, there will also be a possibility to submit abstracts for poster presentations.

For sponsors, Resveratrol2017 has some new features to work with: in addition to standard tabletop presentations, sponsors are invited to speed-date with the participants.

The goal with this dynamic set-up is to optimise the time and quality of the meetings while ensuring the highest number of viable new projects generated.

After busy days with heavy scientific programme, there will be opportunity for the participants to visit wineries in the Mendoza wine district, producing more than 60% of Argentine wine.

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Owing to the high altitude and low humidity, Mendoza vineyards rarely face the problems of insects, fungi or other grape diseases. This allows cultivating with little or no pesticides, enabling even organic wines to be easily produced.

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