Feelgood factor: shades of sunshine set to drive food colour innovation in 2019


The sunshine spectrum – bright yellow through to deep orange – will stimulate colourful food and beverage development in 2019 as consumers seek out products that inspire upbeat, positive emotions and unite people with a feeling of joy, according to GNT Group

Shoppers – particularly younger ones hailing from Generation Z – will gravitate towards food and drink coloured with natural yellow and orange shades to tune into the optimistic sentiments they convey, GNT said.

Food and beverage brands are increasingly developing marketing messages that communicate the ability of their products to bring happiness to the consumer.

Innova Market Insights has announced ‘I Feel Good’ as one of its top trends for 2019, noting that the number of food and beverage launches with a ‘feel good’ claim on the label increased by 36% year-on-year in 2017.

Maartje Hendrickx, Market Development Manager at GNT, said: “In 2019 consumers will prefer food and drink that can arouse a sense of freshness and light, qualities that yellow and orange shades deliver. Just as pink was embraced by Millennials, Generation Z will channel the positivity of sunshine shades to sprinkle cheerfulness into their lives.”

GNT has harnessed this trend in a new collection of colouring foods – EXBERRY Sunshine Shades. Ranging from bright sunbeam yellow to warm harvest orange, they are all derived from raw materials rooted in nature, including pumpkin, carrots and turmeric.

The Sunshine Shades range has been developed as part of GNT’s new Love Color with EXBERRY initiative for 2019, which will explore how colour can influence mood and deliver feelings of excitement and contentment, while also satisfying adventurous, curious consumers who are keen to discover new experiences.

Market experts The Food People recently identified ‘Mellow Yellow’ as a key trend and observed that “colour trends are becoming as important as the food and drink itself.”

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Maartje Hendrickx added: “Natural yellow and orange colouring foods fit perfectly with the desire among consumers to reconnect with the natural world. We are planning some exciting activity in 2019 to maximise engagement with Sunshine Shades, with innovative product concepts and technical information in the pipeline."