Epi Ingredients launches its entirely revisited portfolio at FiE 2015


Food ingredients Europe 2015 will be the culmination of Epi's transformation, which started earlier this year with the launch of a rejuvenated corporate identity

For Epi Ingredients – the dry ingredients division of the dairy co-operative, Laïta, and one of the world’s dairy ingredients experts – 2015 is no ordinary year ... and this edition of FiE won’t be either.

It is the start of a new era for the company. 'We went through a complete corporate rebranding as part of a plan designed to support the group’s substantial investments in our division as well as to strengthen our leading position in the international dairy ingredients market,' explains Mathieu Lucot, Marketing Manager.

The rollout of the new corporate identity was only the groundwork, laying the foundation for a complete redefinition of the company’s offering, along with the consequent remodelling of its sales tools, both of which will be formally introduced at Food ingredients Europe this December in Paris.

And for this 2015 edition, the company has decided to highlight the superior quality of its ingredients through product sampling, showcasing the specific benefits of selected ingredients that are designed to target different market segments. The following products will be available:

  • a frozen yogurt, featuring Epi Ingredients’ unique fermented powders containing live cultures
  • cookies filled with a mixture containing the company’s very unique yoghurt powder.

These are only two examples of what can be done with Epi Ingredients’ range of premium fermented powders. With a strong but pleasant dairy flavour, these all-natural powders are true assets in formulating new indulgent products, enhancing both taste and texture in applications such as ice cream, frozen yoghurt as well as fillings and icings. Also available will be

  • an ice cream made using one of Epi Ingredients’ whole milk replacers in an effort to cut recipe costs
  • a sports nutrition instant-mix, providing a high protein content thanks to the addition of Epi Ingredients’ caseinates in the formula.

With this revisited product offering, Epi Ingredients is aiming to supply solutions fully adapted to meet current market requirements without sacrificing the taste and texture of the end-products.

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In addition, the company’s infant nutrition portfolio – from bulk ingredients to finished products – will also be on hand for those interested. Beyond its renowned demineralised powders perfectly adapted to be incorporated into infant formulas, Epi Ingredients will also soon be able to provide stage 1 to stage 3 baby formulas packaged for retail and ready-to-market. 'We see great opportunities for this type of offering and are very pleased to introduce this new feature to our range. It is designed to help our future customers significantly reduce their time-to-market,' said Mathieu Lucot.