Endexx announces investment in EcoHealth Neuropathy


Targeting multIbillion dollar market for pain relief treatment for diabetic neuropathy patients

Endexx Corporation, a provider of innovative phytonutrient-based food and nutritional products, has announced its investment in EcoHealth Neuropathy, Inc., an Arizona-based corporation, to launch its platform for clinical and technology driven management of neuropathies.

EcoHealth Neuropathy, a full-service healthcare provider for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy will be led by Dr Daniel Kiddy, Endexx's Chief Medical Officer.

Dr Kiddy, will help build and manage the health practice and design compliance and standard operating procedures for the utilisation of natural plant-based medicine in the treatment of neuropathy patients.

CEO Todd Davis commented: “Endexx looks to lead the standardisation of government compliance, as well as, collaborate with state educational institutions in Arizona."

"We will be establishing best practices and procedures for plant-based alternative medicine in support of traditional medical practices."

"In addition, podiatric care physicians will be the first targeted roll-out for the patient treatment, utilising phytonutrients as alternative medicine. This is a tremendous market opportunity, as the diabetic neuropathy market is set to reach $5.7 billion by 2024.”

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Dr Daniel Kiddy stated: “After 4 years of case study observation of patients utilising phytocannibidiol for the reduction of pain, Endexx and EcoHealth Neuropathy will establishment a scientific platform to conduct clinical trials and collect data that can be peer evaluated and published in time, leading to a strong alternative for the treatment of pain and neuropathy versus opiate based pain management.”