Emerald Scientific gives Cann-ID the Proficiency Badge


The instrument by Ionization Labs is a turnkey cloud-based potency testing platform for hemp and cannabis

Emerald Scientific gives Cann-ID the Proficiency Badge

Cann-ID, the testing tool by Ionization Labs, has received a Proficiency Badge from Emerald Scientific for testing the potency of cannabinoids, including Hemp, THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, and CBN.

Emerald Scientific's Emerald Badge is considered to be one of the most prestigious independent awards that a cannabis laboratory can receive. The company is the first and only company 100% dedicated to distributing scientific supplies and equipment exclusively to the cannabis industry.

Labs that receive a Badge are not only recognised for their capabilities in comparison to their peers within a given series; the Emerald Badge affirms the labs' ability to meet regulatory requirements for licensure. 

"Participation in these Emerald Scientific proficiency tests gives us the opportunity to showcase our commitment to excellence when it comes to accurate test results. I am very proud of these awards and the continued commitment to excellence by Cann-ID," said Cree Crawford, Co-Founder, and President of COO Ionization Labs / Cann-ID Testing Solutions. 

The Cann-ID platform utilises HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) chemical analytics hardware combined with proprietary developed cannabinoid analytics and data software along with a standardised methods and consumables programme. 

For Ionization Labs, Cann-ID is a powerful solution combination that gives the hemp industry a major tool to enable near real-time potency testing to support many areas of the hemp industry ecosystem including compliance, quality control, crop and extract yield maximisation, market data/research, enforcement and research and development.   

"Having our lab and solution validated by one of the industries top science groups is a tremendous honour and highlights years of work and investment to create an industry-standard testing platform that can be deployed at scale because of its focus on lab-quality testing combined with simplification of use through software and standardized consumables and equipment platform," Crawford concluded.

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