Eevia Health prepares to increase elderberry extract production


The producer of organic-certified plant extracts has received large orders from the US for Elderberry extract, a very popular immune-stimulant among other indications

Eevia Health Oy produces standardised plant extracts from plant raw materials, especially berries such as lingonberries, bilberries and other plant and fungi material, such as pine bark and Chaga mushroom.

Each of Eevia’s plant materials have been hand-picked from the pristine Arctic forests in Finnish Lapland.

Recently, there has been a robust increase in demand for elderberry extracts, which grow quite widely in Europe. Eevia Health Oy has accepted to cater to this demand and has received significant orders for its new elderberry product Feno-Sambucus 14.

The overall order volume for Elderberries is currently more than €2 million. The challenge being addressed right now is to acquire enough raw materials to serve all orders, and Eevia Health Oy is working hard to ensure the current demand can be met.

“We have spent years specialising with the arctic bilberries and more typical species in the north, and look forward to adding our expertise to the robust elderberry market with the introduction of Feno-Sambucus 14."

"We extract for the same bioactive in elderberries, the anthocyanins, as we do in bilberries. It is, therefore, a very straight forward business for us to undertake this new product."

"We have demand for extracts from elderberry for several million Euros and we have temporarily accepted only a smaller fraction of these orders while we work to increase our production."

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"We believe that the elderberry carries the potential to be another backbone to our business, joining the lingonberry, bilberry and other berry extracts,” reveals Sales Manager, Anna-Maija Vanhatalo from Eevia Health Oy.