DuPont Nutrition & Health takes special care to ensure its probiotics do not contain gluten


HOWARU and FloraFIT probiotics are a safe choice for gluten-sensitive consumers

DuPont Nutrition & Health is sending a clear message to the dietary supplement industry that its entire probiotic range is produced from raw materials that do not contain gluten.

The announcement follows the publication of a new study at Columbia University that found that, in a test of 22 bestselling probiotic supplements, more than half contained detectable levels of gluten. Eight of these supplements were marketed as 'gluten-free.'

Non-gluten supplements for digestive health

For people with coeliac disease and some wheat allergies, gluten is a cause of severe digestive discomfort. Coeliac patients also risk long-term damage to the small intestine.

'As a leading global supplier of probiotics, we understand that many consumers with coeliac disease rely on probiotic supplements to strengthen their digestive health,' said Scott Bush, Global Probiotics Business Leader for DuPont Nutrition & Health.

'For this reason, we monitor our suppliers very closely to ensure they meet our demand for non-gluten raw materials, including the fermentation media used in probiotic production,' he added.

Allergen management with extra test

Allergen management procedures are in place to prevent cross-contamination at DuPont probiotic production facilities that also handle gluten-containing products. These procedures similarly exclude other allergens, such as dairy and soy, from the probiotic range.

'We realise that the Columbia University findings are a cause for concern among our customers and consumers. By eliminating gluten-containing raw materials in probiotic production, DuPont wishes to allay these concerns,' Bush said.

DuPont Danisco offers two ranges of proven probiotic cultures, HOWARU Premium Probiotics and FloraFIT Probiotics for finished formats and unique, customised formulations. Our probiotic strains are scientifically demonstrated to help keep the digestive system running smoothly and to support the immune and cardiovascular systems.

DuPont Nutrition & Health combines in-depth knowledge of food and nutrition with current research and expert science to deliver unmatched value to the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries. We are innovative solvers, drawing on deep consumer insights and a broad product portfolio to help our customers turn challenges into high-value business opportunities.

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