Dolcas-Tenshi brings bioavailable curcumin to RTD beverages


The composition base is a novel-source turmeric oleoresin, optimised by Olene Life Sciences’ patented SELF D platform

Dolcas-Tenshi brings bioavailable curcumin to RTD beverages

Recently established Dolcas Tenshi Bioceuticals (DTB) has unveiled Curcugen, the newest member to join its growing portfolio of nutraceuticals. The supplement is a 100% natural, water-dispersible curcumin ingredient debuting at this year’s Vitafoods show in Geneva, booth F200.

Unusual origins

Curcugen’s patent-pending composition base is a novel-source turmeric oleoresin, rather than the 95% standardised curcuminoid material common in the supplement industry.

Olene Life Sciences’ patented SELF D platform technology was used to optimise the oleoresin base so that its benefits can be fully realised. Further, it avoids the need to complement the curcuminoids with other, non-turmeric ingredients, or reconstitute it with displaced turmeric ingredients.

In contrast to certain generic curcumin products, Curcugen’s formulation preserves the original complex of curcuminoids, essential oils, and polar resins within the optimised oleoresin matrix. These naturally occurring constituents help to overcome the absorption issues characteristic of unformulated curcumin.

Standing out

In fact, Curcugen’s unique composition optimises dispersion in beverage formats. In the GI tract, this provides an increased surface area of otherwise clustered curcumin molecules, allowing greater contact with the intestinal lining.

The company states that the product is among the most concentrated curcumin ingredients on the market, with curcuminoid concentrates at a 50% standard, and maintaining a 95% turmeric rhizome base, free from chemical excipients.

Additional properties include a self-dispersing mechanism in liquid that allows for a clinical dose in a fluid medium. This makes it suitable for functional foods and ready-to-mix/RTD beverages. As a free-flowing dry ingredient, Curcugen is flexible for formulation options, including traditional capsules, gummies, soft chews and oral dispersible formats, among others.

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Shavon Jackson-Michel, Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs at Dolcas Tenshi Bioceuticals, said: “We believe Curcugen’s comprehensive profile will generate significant interest and readily establish itself even in this, the most crowded of curcumin markets, since it overcomes a number of limitations including delivery, potency, bioavailability and its clean-label appeal.”