DayTwo secures $31m to scale diabetes microbiome platform


Funding will accelerate go-to-market initiatives for the glycemic control system

People process the same food differently. Image as seen on company website

DayTwo has made US$31 million in Series B financing. The microbiome human discovery platform will use the funding for two main specifications regarding its glycemic control solution for people with type 2 diabetes. First, to accelerate go-to-market initiatives in the US where the company partners with payers, providers, and employers. Second, to continue to develop a new generation of products and services for metabolic and gastrointestinal conditions.

The round was co-led by two venture funds, aMoon and Ofek Ventures. Existing investors Seventure Partners and Johnson & Johnson continued their participation in the round. Previous funding rounds included contributions from the Mayo Clinic for the company's validation trial, recently published in JAMA. The financing brings DayTwo's total funding to $48m.

"DayTwo is the only evidence-based, actionable, microbiome platform in the market today. We are in a privileged position to leverage our experience including first-rate science, clinical trials in Israel and the US, tens of thousands of customers, and provider, employer, and payer relationships," said Lihi Segal, CEO and Founder of DayTwo.

DayTwo's glycemic control solution for people with type 2 diabetes uses gut profiling and other clinical parameters to provide a food-as-medicine solution to enable glycemic control. DayTwo's personalised approach provides actionable insights into how the body metabolises food and allows individuals to navigate what specific foods and meals to choose to balance their blood sugar levels.

DayTwo's glycemic control solution is more effective than existing protocols for prediabetes and more impactful than leading diabetes pharmaceuticals.

"We are undergoing a transformational change in healthcare, when technology and machine learning can benefit patients with diabetes," said Yahal Zilka, Managing Partner at Ofek Ventures. "After success in its initial market, we are excited to bring DayTwo to the US where it has the potential to improve the lives of over one hundred million people with diabetes and prediabetes," added Zilka, whose investment track record includes Waze, Argus, Onavo, DesignArt, Magisto (acquired by Google), Continental, Facebook, Qualcomm, and Vimeo, respectively.

Founded in 2015, DayTwo has offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and San Francisco Bay Area. The company has also launched a strategic partnership with the world's second largest HMO, Clalit which now offers the DayTwo glycemic control solution to its 4.5 million members.

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"We partnered with DayTwo to realise the full potential of personalisation in both preventative care and chronic condition management," said Irit Poraz, Head Dietitian at Clalit.


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