Danone launches sumptuous new Greek-style yoghurt


Light & Free, a new 0% added sugar and 0% fat range from Danone

What if you could find a yoghurt that was all about the taste – and yet had 0% added sugar and 0% fat? Then look no further!

Introducing a brand new range of delicious Greek-style yoghurts from Danone – Light & Free — that are sure to tantalise your taste buds. With more than 30% fewer calories than most other full-fat fruit yoghurts available, it makes Light & Free even more irresistible.

Nothing brings a yoghurt to life more than the taste of fresh fruit flavours, so what's better than Light & Free, which contains gorgeous pieces of luxurious fruit and has 0% added sugar and 0% fat.

Created to naturally fit into a busy lifestyle, Light & Free is the perfect treat.

It’s perfect for busy women who believe you can have it all – 100% taste in a pot of positivity. After all, looking after yourself and staying active are both essential elements to living life to the fullest!

With a deliciously playful and modern design that resonates with the moments of a busy woman’s lifestyle, the Light & Free range has been created for a fun loving, fashion-conscious audience that want a delicious tasting yoghurt.

Available in five fabulous flavours to experience a new fruity sensation: Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry and Peach-Passion Fruit, there's a flavour to suit everyone.

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Aloys de Parscau, Marketing Innovation from Danone said: 'The launch of Light & Free comes at a time where the nation has shown growing concerns about the levels of added sugar in food and drink products. It was extremely important for us to create the right balance of 'double-zero' without compromising our high standards of a great tasting product. After 2 years of extensive research and development, we are thrilled to bring Light & Free to the market and are confident that consumers will love it as much as we do.'