DailyNutra launches Omega Supreme Krill Oil formulas for heart, joints and brain


DailyNutra partners with Neptune and Friend of the Sea to bring to market an innovative line of high absorption, sustainable krill oil formulas targeting heart, joints and brain

DailyNutra launches Omega Supreme Krill Oil formulas made with pure Neptune Krill Oil and certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea.

Three condition-specific formulas include Omega Supreme Heart and Circulation Formula with CoQ10, Omega Supreme Brain and Vision Formula with lutein, and Omega Supreme Joints and Bones Formula with vitamin D3.

Krill oil is a well researched and popular supplement because of its highly absorbable omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Now, recent studies by Neptune show that krill oil also improves the absorption of secondary ingredients when taken together.

When combined with Neptune Krill Oil, CoQ10 is 25 times more absorbable, vitamin D3 is twice as absorbable and Lutein is 8 times more absorbable. By combining Neptune Krill Oil with key supporting ingredients for heart, joints and brain, Omega Supreme Krill Oil formulas have more impact than the same supplements taken separately.

'We chose to partner with Neptune Krill Oil because we wanted the most potent and pure krill oil available, backed by solid science,' says Joey Shepp, DailyNutra's CEO: 'We partnered with Friend of the Sea for our sustainability certification because of their strict auditing and high integrity in protecting marine habitat. The final result of this collaboration is a groundbreaking line of enhanced krill oil supplements, backed by science and sustainability.'

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Omega Supreme Krill Oil Formulas provide targeted, high absorption ingredients in a small, easy to swallow soft gel capsules. The formulas are available now for purchase on Amazon.com and select retail outlets.