CurraNZ wins Nutra Ingredients Asia sports nutrition award


Since 2014, more than 20 peer-reviewed sports performance and health clinical research studies have been published on CurraNZ

CurraNZ has been awarded Sports Nutrition Product of The Year by Nutra Ingredients Asia.

CurraNZ is a proprietary supplement that uses the New Zealand blackcurrant, rich in the polyphenols – anthocyanins – and dietetically wrapped into an extract called Enzans.

Commenting on their award win from Nutra Ingredients Asia, Fleur Cushman, Co-Founding Director of CurraNZ, notes: “This award is a fantastic milestone in the evolution of CurraNZ. Research and efficacy have always been the backbone of our focus.

“It has been humbling to see how the product, which is clinically proven to help with muscle recovery, heart health needs, helps cut the risk of Type 2 Diabetes to immunity support.

“As a small business, it’s been an exciting journey making the world-first discoveries on the CurraNZ extract, seeing the benefits delivered in the ‘real world’ and helping so many people. It is a true honour to receive this recognition.”

Fleur adds: “We are looking forward to the next chapter, not only for the flagship product but also as an ingredient offering for formulators.

“We’ve really only just cracked the surface in evaluating the full potential of the CurraNZ extract, with many more research developments to come within the sport, health, and wellness space.

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“The recent sports performance super-study, plus metabolic and cardiovascular health studies, are a testament to this and we look forward to diversifying into other key areas and expanding our global reach.”