Coronavirus: Brits look to boost immune systems before returning to work


With key industry businesses being encouraged to return to work, people across the country are looking to boost their immune systems amid the coronavirus pandemic — with award-winning online pharmacy UK Meds seeing a 480% increase in supplement requests

Coronavirus: Brits look to boost immune systems before returning to work

UK Meds, which was established in May 2016, saw requests increase almost tenfold during the lockdown from 66 in January to 299 and 84 in April and May, respectively, across all brands including herbal remedies.

The online pharmacy currently has more than 15 multivitamins and supplements aimed at boosting the immune system and bone health available on its website, with prices starting from £5.99. It also provides herbal remedies that work to maintain digestive health and treat stress and mild anxiety.

Joe Soiza, Managing Director at UK Meds, said: “There’s no doubt that people will be feeling wary about heading out on their commute and returning to an office environment. Our bodies need a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to maintain proper function and promote overall health and even with a healthy balanced diet, many people struggle to get their recommended amount."

"That’s when supplements can help, providing a practical and convenient way to make sure the suggested daily intakes are met."

“We’ve noticed that demand for multivitamins, supplements and herbal remedies has increased greatly, particularly since coronavirus was first reported in Britain in early January and recent talks of returning to work. We currently supply a range of products that contain vital vitamins and nutrients to support a healthy lifestyle, including a new patented liposomal vitamin C product called Vitamin C Zooki."

UK Meds operates nationally, supplying prescription-only medicines and lifestyle products after undertaking an appropriate consultation with a prescriber.

Shyam Morjaria, Medical Director at UK Meds, said: “As many businesses are starting or looking to return to work, it’s now more important than ever to keep yourself as healthy and strong as possible, particularly for those with weak immune systems or underlying health conditions."

“Your immune system relies heavily on vitamins, as well as antioxidants and zinc, and while you can obtain these from eating a varied and balanced diet, you may also want to consider taking multivitamins and supplements to keep these levels boosted.”

Ninety per cent of consumers have reported their shopping and cooking habits have changed, with one in six people eating more out-of-date food than usual, a survey by the environmental charity Hubbub reported. There are lots of products out there that work to treat stomach and indigestion issues, which is great for those who are finding themselves overindulging more during the lockdown.

Reports have also shown that the current situation is taking its toll on the nation’s mental health. Anxiety is more prevalent than ever before owing to the uncertainties the pandemic has created, with 36% of the population reporting feeling anxious after the lockdown announcement compared to 17% the day before, according to researchers at the University of Sheffield.

Shyam added: “We currently supply four types of antianxiety medication on our website, as well as herbal remedy tablets. The medicines work to aid those who struggle with their anxiety by allowing them to live their lives to the full."

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"Exercising regularly, washing your hands and getting plenty of sleep are also factors that can help to keep you healthy. Although vitamins may boost your immune system, they will not prevent you from being infected from the virus and you should still follow government guidance such as social distancing and only leave your home for essential items or daily exercise.”