Chookie invites festive holidaymakers to celebrate "good is good for you"


Chookie celebrated the holiday season by inviting messages of thanks in Jersey City as it highlighted the idea that good taste and eating healthy can go hand in hand

Chookie invites festive holidaymakers to celebrate

The local very small batch challenger brand set up writing stations in Jersey City (New Jersey, US). Passers-by at the Happy Holiday Market on 17 December were encouraged to think of someone they were thankful for and to pen them a note the old fashioned way in case they forgot to do any actual thanking on Thanksgiving.

They were then rewarded with a stamp on the Chookie team. 

Nearly 200 messages were all written by visitors to the Ashford Rooftop. For each one received, Chookie team gave the writer a Chookie Oat Raisin line cookie bar of their choice. 

Zev Ziegler, Principle and founder at Chookie, said: “Most of us celebrate the holidays by showing our loved ones how much we care with gifts. We wanted to encourage people to share some of that more natural, inner good too, and with the wider community."

'Of course, there were a few sceptics at first but with little to lose, most people were pleasantly surprised by the power of pausing from their day to jot down kind words. It was humbling that Jersey City community reacted so warmly to crafting them.”

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Even though the Chookie team has made good strides with indulgently, better-for-you cookie bars, the inspiration for the “there is always room for more good” event was finding ways to celebrate the idea that good taste and eating healthy can go hand in hand without any sacrifice.