China SXT Pharmaceuticals begins TCM homologous supplements production


The operation will see the manufacture of 42 substitute tea and four solid beverage used traditionally in China as a health-supporting food

Photo as seen on company website

China SXT Pharmaceuticals (China SXT) has started production of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) homologous supplements (TCMHS), a classification of health-supporting food used in China as TCM, which are also consumed as food.

Feng Zhou, Chief Executive Officer and Director of China SXT, commented: "We are excited about our strategic expansion into the 'Big Health' industry being promoted by the Chinese government. Through introducing the new TCMHS products, we will expand our customer base and promote our brand. By supplementing our core TCMP product line, we will fuel sustainable growth for our shareholders in the years to come."

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, China SXT focuses on the research, development, manufacture, marketing and sales of traditional Chinese medicine pieces, which is a type of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been processed to be ready for use.

The company recently reconstructed and assembled an 850-square-metre facility and received a "Food Manufacturing Certificate" issued by the local Food and Drug Administration, which granted permission to produce TCMHS.

The scope of production includes "Substitute Teas," made of TCMHS plants, and "Solid Beverages," a kind of granule produced through the extraction of TCMHS materials.

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China SXT said it has developed 42 substitute tea and four solid beverage products. Last April the company launched the beverage range, and the commercial launch for the 42 substitute tea products is scheduled for October 2019.