Careless improves microcirculation and glucose metabolism in healthy people


Vital Solutions GmbH, a specialist in natural product development, sales and marketing is pleased to announce that results of a second human study confirmed that supplementation with Careless supports microcirculation and glucose metabolism.

Careless improves microcirculation and glucose metabolism in healthy people

Effects on microcirculation and glucose metabolism were investigated in a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, parallel-design study in healthy individuals. A daily dose of 100mg or 300mg Careless was compared to placebo after supplementation for 4 weeks.

100 mg Careless improved microcirculation and confirmed results of the first human study.

300 mg Careless reduced postprandial glucose levels accompanied by significantly lower HbA1c values compared to baseline.

Furthermore, 300mg Careless intake significantly improved postprandial endothelial function in individuals with decreased endothelial function after high-dose glucose intake.

Dose-depending effects support the use of Careless in different applications, said Dr. Sybille Buchwald-Werner, Managing Director at Vital Solutions. For example, Careless at a dosage of 100 mg is interesting for products positioned for cardiovascular health or to support physical energy and endurance. Careless at a dosage of 300 mg might be beneficial for use in concepts for healthy metabolism.

The study is published in Planta Medica, one of the leading international, peer-reviewed journal in the field of medicinal plants and natural products.

What is Careless?

Careless is a pure mango fruit powder (Mangifera indica L.) obtained from organic mangoes harvested at a special degree of ripeness.

At this degree of ripeness the content of healthy secondary plant compounds is higher and the sugar content is lower than in fully ripe fruits. Nevertheless, it has an excellent fruity taste providing a good basis for healthy foods and dietary supplements.

In vitro, animal and human studies demonstrated that Careless activates key metabolic master switch enzymes, AMPK and SIRT1, which regulate energy homeostasis, and thereby stimulates metabolism and circulation.

A combination of these circulation and metabolic boosting effect plus anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects is leading to a reduced risk to develop fatigue, overweight, diabetes type II, and CVD.

Careless is a high quality, sustainable natural ingredient, which is IP protected and approved to be used in foods and food supplements.

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Careless is a product of Vital Solutions. Vital Solutions is known for high quality health ingredients, which are backed-up with science starting from phytochemical investigation, identification of mode of action and confirming beneficial effects in humans.

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