Carbery launches hydrolysed whey protein for better HIIT performance


Nutrition expert has launched a new hydrolysed whey protein (WPH), Optipep 4Power, designed specifically for high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Carbery launches hydrolysed whey protein for better HIIT performance

In a clinical study, Carbery found that Optipep 4Power taken preworkout enabled participants to generate more power for longer, compared with standard whey protein concentrate.

It has been developed to support nutritional strategies for HIIT, which have been minimally researched to date. Consumers have confirmed their interest in Optipep 4Power and its proven benefits.

Carbery’s R&D team is continually developing next generation whey protein hydrolysate ingredients under the Optipep range and used advanced mass spectrometry to analyse peptides in their latest ingredient.

Data interpretation with bioinformatics enabled them to identify any possible bioactivity within the peptide sequences using predictor algorithms. Consequently, they were able to identify the protein with the best possibility of having an impact on performance. Carbery validated the potential benefits of the ingredient with customers and undertook a clinical trial.

The clinical study set out to investigate if supplementation of protein in low carbohydrate conditions ahead of HIIT workouts induces favourable muscle metabolic and exercise performance adaptations. The study design was developed to address three specific objectives, which were to

  • identify mitochondrial changes in the acute and chronic phases
  • determine specific mechanisms underpinning adaptations (metabolic and performance)
  • establish optimal nutritional strategies to enhance outcomes from HIIT.

The study found that when compared with whey protein concentrate, a 4.3% greater training-induced increase in Wingate mean power output was observed with participants who had consumed Optipep 4Power prior to exercise, indicating a greater capacity for power generation during maximal intensity sprint exercise.

There was also a 6.1% improvement in fatigue index, indicating a greater capacity for sustaining high intensity exercise performance.

Carbery launches hydrolysed whey protein for better HIIT performance

In March 2020, after the conclusion of the clinical study, a cohort of consumers that exercise more than twice a week and consume protein were interviewed. When presented with Optipep 4Power and the benefits from the clinical study, 62% stated they would be interested in buying the product.

Sarah O’Neill, Marketing Manager at Carbery, commented: “Athletes across a broad range of sports and activities are increasingly building high intensity interval workouts into their training routines. However, nutritional strategies for HIIT were poorly characterised."

"We have been developing Optipep for a number of years and, using our cutting-edge technical expertise, were able to identify the optimal WPH and validate its potential positive impact on performance outcomes.”

“We are excited to have shown that Optipep 4Power helps athletes produce and sustain more power compared with whey protein concentrate and we think that this is a potential game-changer for brands providing targeted nutritional solutions to consumers participating in sports such as CrossFit, field sports, sprinting and combat sports.”

Optipep 4Power is the latest product in Carbery’s range of WPHs, which includes Optipep 80 SN and Optipep 90 PRO, a clean tasting hydrolysed whey protein that contains optimal levels of dipeptides, tripeptides and free amino acids to facilitate muscle growth, repair, refuelling and recovery.

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Optipep 4Power is available in powder format and Carbery’s experts can provide formulation support to customers.