CTX – II: A future biomarker of healthy ageing


Dietary supplements formulated with NEM can help consumers with the reduction of occasional joint pain and stiffness, as well as protecting cartilage against breakdown from exercise or overuse

Our desire for healthy ageing, regardless of current age, is nearly universal. As defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), healthy ageing is “the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age.” This broad concept implies functional ability as being able to do what you value and to move about independently. Social and health behaviors across the life course—such as diet, exercise, and engagement in the community, as well as the physical environment where we live, work, and obtain health care—all play a role in the development and progression of chronic diseases. For the majority of older adults, being able to do the things that they want at home and in the community is a primary component of healthy ageing.

The key to healthy ageing is exercise, but exercise-induced pain caused by the loss of cartilage is one of the leading reasons why consumers stop.

The CTX-II Discovery

The body uses type II collagen as a support framework for the cells that produce cartilage, known as chondrocytes. When cartilage breaks down, fragments of type II collagen are formed and can be found in the joint, bloodstream, and urine. One of the most extensively researched of these collagen fragments is known as CTX-II. CTX-II can serve as an excellent biomarker for joint health and particularly for cartilage breakdown. Stratum Nutrition’s research found that CTX-II could also be used as an indicator of the effectiveness of joint supplements for cartilage protection in healthy adults.

Backed by Science

A clinical trial conducted on Stratum’s branded eggshell membrane ingredient, NEM®, in which healthy postmenopausal women performed a low-intensity step exercise. A once daily, 500 mg dose of NEM rapidly reduced joint pain and stiffness resulting from the step exercise and improved recovery throughout a 12-hour post-exercise time period. By looking at the cartilage biomarker CTX-II, Stratum also found that NEM protected the participant’s joint cartilage from breakdown caused by the exercise.

The study utilised a unique, patented trial design that looked at changes in a cartilage degradation biomarker (CTX-II) in healthy exercising individuals. A reduction in urine or serum CTX-II levels provided substantiation for new joint cartilage protection claims on product labels. The design of the clinical trial marked the first evidence suggesting the biomarker, CTX-II, could be used to evaluate the chondroprotective efficacy of joint therapeutics in healthy individuals, as well as other populations.

Defend healthy joints with NEM

Dietary supplements formulated with NEM can help consumers with the reduction of occasional joint pain and stiffness, as well as help protect cartilage against breakdown from exercise or overuse.

The discovery of eggshell membrane as a natural source of combined glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid prompted the evaluation of this material as a potential treatment for joint pain due to overuse.

Stratum Nutrition developed methods to efficiently and effectively separate eggshell membrane from eggshells to create a shell-free eggshell membrane. The isolated membrane is then partially hydrolysed using a proprietary process and dry blended to produce 100% pure NEM.

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