Biohm Health chooses AIDP to distribute new probiotic biofilm killer


The US-based heath ingredients distributor will be the exclusive US marketing and sales partner

Stomach microbiome before and after Biohm FX

Biohm Heath has entrusted distribution of it Biohm FX probiotic formulation to AIDP. The US-based health ingredients distributor will be its exclusive US marketing and sales partner.

Mark Thurston, President of AIDP, explained that the, unlike most probiotics that help increase good bacteria in the gut, the research supporting this new ingredient proves BIOHM FX breaks apart stubborn biofilms.

Biofilm protects bad bacteria and bad fungi that upset the balance of your gut. AIDP says Biohm FX is the only probiotic proven to support the breakdown of digestive biofilm.

Biohm’s new probiotic formulation has been scientifically proven to significantly inhibit biofilm formation. Biofilm builds up in the human digestive system, similarly to plaque and teeth. By combining good bacteria, good fungi and digestive enzymes, Biohm FX maintains the balance of bacteria and fungi in the gut, all while breaking down digestive biofilms.

The new probiotic neutralises bad bacteria and bad fungi inside, while re-balancing the digestive system. This supports beneficial microorganisms and optimal digestive health. The new ingredient is backed by clinical trials, is certified GRAS, and is highly stable and does not require refrigeration.

Nutrition Business Journal awarded Biohm FX the 2019 science and innovation award.

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“As AIDP continues to build its digestive health portfolio, we are constantly looking for innovative ingredients that provide unique benefits within their categories,” says Mark Thurston, president of AIDP. “The BIOHM probiotic also contains enzymes, bacteria and fungi. This is a truly unique ingredient.”