Azelis to showcase clean label flavours without loss of taste


During Health ingredients Europe in Frankfurt 29 of November to 1 of December 2016, Azelis will demonstrate their Scansmoke and Scangold products

Succulent sausages, juicy meatballs and golden chicken drumsticks are some of the products that customers will be able to sample on the Azelis stand at Health ingredients Europe this month.

Azelis has manufactured Scansmoke smoke flavourings for more than 40 years. The market for smoke flavourings is increasing and this flavour group is a very popular ingredient for new savoury formulations. Smoke flavourings have over the years mainly been used for replacing traditional smoking processes but smoke has a lot of other functionalities which can be used in many food applications without seeking a real smoky end product.

Peter Henriksen, International Business Manager at Azelis Nordic explains: “The use of Scansmoke allows producers to optimise their production process and reduce bottlenecks in the production site. Traditional smoking can result in differences in the appearance of finished products. Atomising with Scansmoke always gives the same results as we have standardised the taste and colour in our products. Our customers achieve higher yields due to reduced production time and save money as the atomising units have low power consumption compared to smoke generators”.

The use of liquid smoke flavours for atomising, showering or dipping enables a cleaner production process, compared to traditional smoking with sawdust. This is something that not only benefits customers’ health, but also employees who work in smoky production premises.

Paul Houtman, Azelis Market Segment Director Food & Health adds: “We will demonstrate how our Scansmoke products can be used for smoking sausages by serving samples from our hot dog trolley during all three days. We are also showing that smoke flavourings, and related products like our Scangold range, can be used as browning agents. These products add a brown and golden colour to various final foods without any smoky notes and will be demonstrated with poultry applications on the stand.”

On the Azelis stand, visitors can learn how smoke flavourings can also be used as a flavour enhancer, in for example soups and sauces. It is remarkable to note how a very small dosage of a smoke flavouring can boost the overall flavour in a minestrone or tomato soup. Adding smoke flavourings in small dosages without any smoky flavour impact also opens the possibility for the food manufacturer to label the smoke flavouring as a “flavour” and not “smoke flavouring”.

Least but not last, Azelis will show examples on how smoke flavourings significantly can increase the shelf life of various foods. In a world where food waste is a very hot topic, smoke flavourings will be able to play an important role in diminishing this significant problem.

Azelis will be located on stand G1 at Hi Europe.

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