Arcadia collaborates with GoodMills on improved wheat


The deal has been made with GoodMills Innovation for commercialisation of wheat with improved nutritional value across Europe

Arcadia Biosciences has collaboration with GoodMills Innovation, an affiliate of GoodMills Group, Europe's largest milling company, for commercialisation of wheat with improved nutritional value across Europe.

"We are pleased to be working with GoodMills to introduce valued nutritional benefits to wheat-based products across Europe," said Matthew Plavan, President and CEO of Arcadia Biosciences. "GoodMills is an excellent partner with a strong focus on innovation. Together we aim to introduce uniquely healthy products for the retail, consumer and food service sectors in Europe, beginning in 2020."

The GoodWheat portfolio of good-for-you wheats includes attributes such as higher fibre, fewer calories and reduced allergenicity, as well as extended shelf life. The ingredients are the output of Arcadia's proprietary ArcaTech platform, which accelerates discovery, development and breeding of new wheat varieties using advanced non-GM techniques.

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"GoodMills Innovation is recognised as one of the world's leading innovators in the area of grain-based ingredients that are both highly functional and nutritional," said Michael Gusko, head of innovation at GoodMills. "Recent market research highlights accelerated key consumer trends in 2020, including health and immunity enhancement, natural authentic cooking and sustainable plant protein. We see tremendous potential in Arcadia's portfolio of specialty wheats to help us meet these trends."