Algae Health Sciences plans two major microalgae production expansions


The expansion has been planned in two stages, first to maximise the current glass tubing footprint, then to double the farm’s land area

BGG World and its subsidiary Algae Health Sciences has announced two major expansions of their 100% glass tube photobioreactor microalgae farm to support their growing business.

"We've seen outstanding increases in our Astaxanthin business in recent years as brand owners around the world have come to understand BGG's value proposition and our unsurpassed quality Astaxanthin," said Chunhua Li, Chairman & Founder of BGG World.

"Discerning brands really appreciate that we back up our product quality with human clinical research. In fact, we published three peer-reviewed clinical trials on our AstaZine Natural Astaxanthin last year alone to support our customers' marketing and to further the science and public awareness of the health benefits of this wonderful, health-giving molecule," Li added.

The first stage of this expansion is already underway, and includes maximisation of the farm's current footprint with additional glass tubing. This stage will increase current capacity by 25% in the third quarter of 2020.

The second stage is a major expansion which will double the farm's land area. This acreage is directly adjacent to BGG's current farm which will allow for maximum production efficiencies. The second stage is targeted for completion in Q1 of 2021.

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"With this new round of investment in our farm, we will secure enough production capacity to support our growth for the next few years and to position BGG as the leading producer worldwide," Li concluded.